Norron was founded in 2010 by Ulf Frykhammar, Nicklas Granath and Gustaf Sjögren. They share long and solid careers where each of them has almost 30 years’ experience as fund managers and of the Nordic capital markets. This well-established trio has worked together for many years, taken investment decisions in market upturns as well as downturns and received several awards. They got to know each other when they worked at Catella fund management and they then decided to focus on what they know best and set up their own firm.

Norron’s geographical focus is the Nordics and its fund management style is characterised by flexibility, openness and transparency. The firm’s collective competence and well-defined strategy in combination with a sensible approach when it comes to fund management, which entails strict guidelines when it comes to risk, a sophisticated use of derivatives and a careful stock selection process. All these factors benefit the shareholders through a historical and competitive return on investment.

The name Norron derives from the Norse word norrön which in modern Swedish means ancient Norwegian/ancient Icelandic. Lately the word has signified “Nordic” more generally. The word was also used in ancient Swedish, spelt norræn, and is the original and indigenous word for Nordic. In order to have a more internationally viable name (the Nordic letters were replaced/removed and), it was changed to norron, which also made it a palindrome.